The Village of Newburg has2 full time snow plow staff. They maintain 6.82 miles of Village roads, four parking lots, plus bridge decks and sidewalks. The John Deere Loader is used for plowing streets and cul-de-sacs. The International Tandem Plow truck and salter is used for plowing streets and spreading salt. The F550 truck and the skid loader are used for plowing parking lots, sidewalks, and salting. The streets are plowed in this order of priority:

  • First, major arterial routes (Main St. and the downtown collector streets to Hwy 33).
  • Second, major collector streets (Shady Ln, Hickory, Decorah, Hawthorne, and Congress).
  • Third, local residential streets.
  • Fourth, cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, and parking lots/stalls.
  • Finally, sidewalks.

The Village of Newburg does not maintain a “bare pavement” policy for streets; this may result in portions of roads being snow-covered during times of long-duration snow-falls and we do this for both economical and environmental reasons. The village will do its best to keep major arterial and collector roads open and safe. During snowfall events we may need to plow your street more than once to clean it completely and this may result in the plow pushing snow toward your driveway after you have already opened it. If you must clear your driveway prior to the end of a snow event, please do not shovel or blow snow back into the roadway.

In areas with street parking, please be mindful of the parking restrictions. Also, be aware that areas where cars were parked during a snow event will be plowed the following evening, which may result in more snow filling the end of driveways as we work to clear things up. If you are unable to move your vehicle from a restricted parking area during a snow event, please call DPW and let us know.

If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at (262) 689-5960.