FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2019 Contact: Deanna Alexander, 414-939-9339 Village of Newburg, WI

Village of Newburg Adopts 2020 Budget

Newburg, WI – The Village of Newburg Board of Trustees adopted its 2020 General Fund and Sanitary Fund budgets Thursday evening.

The village’s operating budget invests in infrastructure and updating technology, provides departments with equipment needed for more efficient public services, provides law enforcement with a wage increase, deeply reduces administrative costs, and holds the tax levy neutral with no increases for residents’ bills this year. Fees for recycling and sanitary sewer operations will also remain level.

The recommended budget was prepared by Administrator Deanna Alexander, who joined the village this summer after the prior administrator and treasurer abruptly resigned. In recent months Alexander has reported to the board concerns about the village’s past filing and book- keeping practices, highlighting unnecessarily convoluted systems that make it difficult to trace transactions and gather realistic year-to-date figures. “Despite these challenges, I focused on a writing a budget that would set the village back on a path to verifiable success and I know residents will benefit from the Board’s hard work in passing a responsible budget,” said Alexander. “The village is getting back on the right path.”

The board hosted a robust public discussion covering overall spending, ways to best support law enforcement, options for preparing for emergencies, ways to invest in community-based social programming, and plans for right-sizing overhead spending. The board approved several budget amendments which re-allocated certain expenses into a contingency fund. The fund will only be utilized with 2/3 vote of board approval in 2020, and any remaining amounts will be reserved for roadway maintenance.

Key budget numbers:

Total General Fund: Total Sanitary Fund: T otal Budget:
2020 Tax Levy:

Total Assessed Values:

Mill Rate:

$ 421,480
$ 654,108 (equal to the 2019 tax levy)


$ 7.90 (per $1,000 of assessed property value)page1image1092045968

Composition of the final budget document as amended is in process and will be available on the village’s website in mid-December.