Public Records in the Village of Newburg - (State Statute 19.34(1) Procedural Information)

Except as otherwise provided, any person has a right to inspect a record and to make or receive a copy of any record as provided in §19.34, Wisconsin Statutes, and Chapter 34 of the Village of Newburg Code of Ordinances.  The following persons are designated records custodians for their respective departments:

  • Nate Wendelborn, Village Administrator
  • Brandy Loveland Seelow, Clerk/ Treasurer
  • Mike Foeger, Police Chief
  • Les Ahrens, Village Assessor - Grota Appraisal
  • Elected Officials (for their records)

Put simply, most requests can be routed to the Village Administrator and we will be glad to provide access to the records you wish to view.

As it is impractical to name every record, only the department and the official custodian for the records of that department of the Village are listed above. If you are interested in a specific record, please ask the office staff of the Village for information on which department has that record.  Please note that "creating new records" in order to share public information that may not be present within an existing record is at the discretion of the Village Administrator.

Requests to inspect public records may be made in person during normal business hours at Newburg's Village Hall, 620 Main St, West Bend, WI 53090, or by mail at PO Box 50, Newburg, WI 53060, as well as by email to   

There are no "magic words" to say, but it is appreciated if your communication makes clear what records you are looking for, and if there is a specific format you request them in (such as by mail or by email).  In the event that you make a public records request and do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, please do reach out to us to ensure receipt.  We strive to provide public records as practicable and want to ensure you receive what you are looking for, if available.

For verification of payment of taxes or sewer bill balances for the purpose of buying and selling real estate, there is a standard fee of $15 per property.  Please remit payment to the address above along with your request. 

In some cases, records may require retrieval and therefore may not be immediately available for inspection. Note: some assessment records may be kept offsite by Grota Appraisal at their central business office.

The cost of photocopying shall be twenty-five cents ($.25) per page, which has been calculated to be the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction. Pursuant to Osborn v. Bd. Of Regents, 254 Wis.2d 266 (2002), a records custodian may charge for all the costs of complying with an open records request. In some cases, such response costs may go beyond simply copying a requested record.

All public records requests are subject to Chapter 34 of the Village of Newburg Code of Ordinances (Public Records). Questions regarding implementation of this ordinance or the Wisconsin Open Records law should be referred to the Village Attorney.

Pursuant to the requirements of 2003 ACT 47, the following is a list of the holders of any “local public office” as that term is defined and used therein:

Board President Dave DeLuka
Trustee Mike Heili
Trustee Kevin Kohn
Trustee Bill Sackett
Trustee Paul Zimdars
Trustee Brooke Stangel
Trustee Mike Enright
Brandy Loveland Seelow, Clerk/Treasurer
Mike Foeger, Police Chief
Nate Wendelborn, Administrator/DPW Director/Zoning Admnistrator
Jeff Thoma, Building Inspector