Village of Newburg

Meeting of the Committee of the Whole

and Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees

July 23, 2020 at 7:00pm

Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin




President Dave DeLuka Present

Trustee Mike Enright Present

Trustee Bill Sackett Present

Trustee Amy Marquardt Present

Trustee Lynn Burkard Present

Trustee Brooke Stangel Present

Trustee Sandy Stockhausen Present

7 Present, 0 absent. A quorum was met.



BOT Meeting – July 9, 2020

Motion by Sackett to approve the minutes as presented; seconded by Marquardt.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.


Members of the public are invited to address the Village Board regarding any topic of public concern. Those who wish to speak are asked to complete a written card to register with the clerk. The chairperson will then call on individuals to address the council from the front table in an orderly fashion for up to three minutes each.

Mr. Walt Grotelueschen spoke to discuss a gopher infestation at Presidents’ Park. Trustee Marquardt stated that she has tried baiting the ground squirrels but that there are many of them. The DPW Director stated he would work on decreasing the gopher population in the park.


Building Inspection / Zoning / Emergency Management.

(Mr. Walt Grotelueschen, Building Inspector/Zoning Admin./EM Director)

General updates on issues related to building inspections and permitting.

Mr. Grotelueschen spoke of many remodels going on, seemingly because of many people being in their homes more this year. Many questions come in about things like shed sizes allowed. Discussed the old liquor store on Main St. and President DeLuka noted that more debris seems to be falling off the building. Trustee Burkard noted that birds are flying in and out of the building. President DeLuka stated that he wants the issue settled by the end of September. Trustee Stockhausen asked for a pause and consideration of if the Board would be setting a new precedent.

The Board asked Ms. Alexander to work on determining if the village has legal authority to require the building owner to fix the building.

Trustee Burkard asked Mr. Grotelueschen about how permits are issued and if people are required to display them. He responded that if the job is any kind of a major outdoor improvement, they are supposed to display the permit outdoors or in a window.

Updates on emergency management including emergency preparedness regarding flashlights, vests, identification cards, and contact information.

(Requested at the 7/9/20 BOT Meeting, including personal appearance by Mr. Grotelueschen and Mr. Zajdel)

President DeLuka stated that the village found during the 2019 flood that many phone numbers were not correct in the emergency management plan and asked if the Emergency Management Director has checked phone numbers for 24/7 responses. Mr. Zajdel stated that the phone number list was compiled by the prior administration and there was no follow-up for secondary information at that time. He has created elaborate task-sheets and responsibility lists, but there needed to be discussion with lawyers on what would violate state statutes. Mr. Zajdel stated he will speak with Ms. Alexander on a process for accepting a supplement for the plan. Trustees asked about the creation of photo identification badges. The DPW Director stated that the Village can partner with Washington County to get them, as an option. Determining if those who are NIMS certified need NIMS tags is something to discuss. President DeLuka expressed concern about being able to get ID cards back from people at the time of separation. Mr. Grotelueschen also mentioned that he will be looking for retirees or others who are often around in the village on the weekends and holidays to serve as a tertiary layer of emergency coverage when others are out of town. Trustee Stockhausen said she would be willing to sound the siren whenever needed.

Mr. Grotelueschen asked the board what is covered for volunteers from an insurance perspective, with concern that Worker’s Compensation will only cover the salary amount from the position at hand, not a person’s other obligations. He also asked if he makes a decision as Emergency Management Director, such as to bulldoze a building, if he would be held harmless under some insurance. Ms. Alexander stated that it is currently known that part time police officers face this same problem and holding additional insurance would likely require a separate policy. Mr. Grotelueschen asked how much money he could be allocated for Emergency Management in the budget. Ms. Alexander responded that he should provide a list of all items he would like to purchase and then she would be able to better respond with budget availability.

The group discussed radios for Emergency Management. Chief Foeger stated that officers should leave radios at the PD and use them on shift so the radios are continuously used.

President DeLuka asked Mr. Grotelueschen and Mr. Zajdel to plan to have an Emergency Management Committee meeting in time to present the revised Emergency Management Plan to the Board of Trustees at the September 2020 COW Meeting.

Law Enforcement.

(Trustee Marquardt, Chair; with Police Chief Mike Foeger)

Oversee operation of the Police Department, except for disciplinary matters, review state legislation; review all license applications; recommend ordinance amendments; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(3).

General updates from the Police Chief.

Chief Foeger stated that there have been a few instances of neighbors arguing pretty intensely that had to be mediated. He stated that there are also building inspection issues that are crossing his desk and he needs direction from the board on how to handle them because inspecting code violations is not really a policing function.

Recommendations on 2020/2021 bartender licensing:

Kevin J. Beimborn
Sarah M. Beimborn
Jonathon F. Blahnik
LeAnn Charnitz
Lauryn Gonzalez
Kenneth D. Mayer
Erica L. Raffaele
Kourtney Kertscher
Brett Mastenbrook
Michael Owen
Roger Zorn


Note: The Police Chief has denied licenses based on background checks for two individuals, who are not presented for approval and who have been notified by the Chief: Krystal Bertrand and Trisha Sizemore.

Motion by Marquardt for approval of the licenses as listed; seconded by Enright.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Public Works.

(Trustee Stangel, Chair; DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn)

Responsible for overseeing all public works projects, street maintenance, storm sewers, and maintenance of village parks; works with consultants regarding proposed capital improvements to this system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(2).

General update on DPW operations specific to Parks, in coordination with Parks Commission Chair Mike Enright.

Chair Mike Enright shared that the Parks Commission did not meet as planned due to quorum issues. DPW Director Wendelborn shared ongoing plans to grass-seed sports areas at Dr. Weber Park, but that the rain isn’t helping things. Chair Enright explained the Parks Commission reasoning for having things seeded-over and how it was the most practical action available.

General update on all other DPW operations.

DPW Director Wendelborn stated that the NoNo’s parking pad had been paved and lines are being painted in the coming days; the recycling days have gone well but demand has been so high that the dumpster was full by 11am; flags were up in the village before the 4th of July; there is an issue with the storm sewer in one area where it goes under the road but there is no documentation as to where it goes. He also updated the board about Mr. Dan Kemp’s property concerns, with a constantly running sump pump, and that DPW has verified the pitch of the ditches around his home. He also briefly discussed an issue at Steeple View & Congress where side-by-side property owners in a townhome style building have a water situation – one has a dry basement with no sump-pump use, and the other has a constantly running sump pump.

Sanitary Sewer.

(Trustee Sackett, Chair; with Sanitary Super. Courtney Steger’s designee Nate Wendelborn)

Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection and treatment system; works will village consultants in regard to proposed capital improvements to the system; makes periodic reviews of user regulations and service charges; reviews proposed extensions to the system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(4).


General update on Sanitary Sewer operations.

Mr. Wendelborn stated that the Alum tank was recently refilled; There was no dosing for phosphorus for four days because a new line needs to be created to get the system up and running. The freeze point of the chemical is 9 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is very important to get things set up in a way that keeps the lines warm. The lines are 3/8 inches in diameter and the current line is 23 years old. Also, he reported that the televising is done and that the smoke testing still can not begin until the village has a solid stretch of dry weather. Village Engineer Kevin Kimmes suggested that the village have smoke testing done on the dead-end storm sewer as well in order to determine where it goes.

Community Center Commission.

(Trustee Burkard, Chair; with Trustee Stockhausen, Member.)

The Community Center Commission consists of five members, of which two are trustees and three are citizens. It meets on the third Tuesday in the first month of each quarter. Relevant ordinances include: §32.04(G) – Shall develop recommendations for maintenance and future use planning of the community center, be responsible for planning events not otherwise taken up by village staff, and for coordinating volunteer activities necessary for the survival of the community center in the public interest.

Request for meeting schedule additions for the CCC on the following dates: August 4th, August 18th, and August 25th.

Trustee Burkard gave a general overview that planning of a marketing / promotional event for the CCC has been going well and it is scheduled for August 18th. The Community Center sign is being designed and likely to be completed for less than $400. She requested that the CCC be granted permission to meet three times in August.

Motion by Marquardt to grant the CCC two additional meetings in August, on 8/4 and 8/25; seconded by Stangel.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

File 2020-14: A Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Improvement of the Community Center with Installation of a Kitchen and External Sign.

Motion by Marquardt to amend file 2020-14 by removing all references to installation of a kitchen; seconded by Stangel.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Motion by Sackett to approve 2020-14 as amended; seconded by DeLuka.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Personnel and Finance.

(President DeLuka, Chair; with Administrator/Treasurer Deanna Alexander)

Personnel matters involving full-time employees and part-time management staff, such as hiring, discipline, and firing as well as wages for all employees; shall assist in the development of the annual budget; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(1).


Presentation of financial reports, bills, and claims through June 2020.

Administrator/Treasurer Alexander provided verbal guidance to understanding and finding information in the financial reports presented. Trustees expressed displeasure with receiving reports too close to the meeting date and with receiving so many reports. Ms. Alexander apologized for the report timing and explained that she had taken the time to do a thorough review of the information, to compile the reports, and to finally finish aligning the chart of accounts with the state’s system, which caused the delay; and that the reports provided were specifically requested by the Village President. Trustees were confused on why some bars that pay fees to the village were listed as vendors in the reports, as if the village pays them. Ms. Alexander explained that they were likely listed as vendors prior to being customers, and that she would see that they get correctly listed if there are any errors.

The Board requested that the financial reports all be held until the August COW meeting and reviewed again at that time.

Memo from Administrator regarding employee time off.

(Requested at the 7/9/20 BOT Meeting)

Trustee Stockhausen expressed distaste for the memo provided in that it referred to the pending consideration of village hall hours and compared benefits provided to and used by the prior administrator. She made a formal recommendation discouraging any accusations to the previous administration.  Trustee Enright suggessted putting a door lock on the front doors to village hall if there are any safety concerns so that all persons entering would need to be seen and “buzzed in” prior to entry. DPW Director Wendelborn agreed to research the costs of setting up such a system. Board members discussed Ms. Alexander’s hours and their desire for her to be able to use PTO, but their concern that there may not be the village hall coverage expected if time off is utilized. No further action was taken on this item.

A discussion on past and current Village Hall hours of operation open to the public, and possible alternatives for increasing available days or hours.

(Laid on the table at the 7/9/20 BOT Meeting)

File 2020-15: A Resolution Expanding Village Hall Hours to Four Days per Week Including Evening Hours; (Based on Recommendations from President DeLuka)

and alternatively,

File 2020-16: A Resolution Expanding Village Hall Hours to Five Days per Week.(Based on Recommendations from Trustee Sackett)

Trustees discussed the two substitute files briefly and opted to move forward with File 2020-15.

Motion by Marquardt to approve File 2020-15 changing Village Hall Hours to 4-days per week, effective September 1, 2020; seconded by Stockhausen.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 6-1; No: Sackett.

File 2020-17: Transfer of Funds 2020 Budget. This item requires a 2/3 vote.

Motion by Marquardt to lay over to the August COW meeting; seconded by Stockhausen.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.


Stantec Consulting:

Facility Needs Study update.

Engineer Kevin Kimmes appeared and provided the board with a verbal update on the status of facility options, including describing comments made about the location of a garage. Ms. Alexander disclosed to the board that she had just recently entertained the thought of purchasing additional land from the Newburg Fire Department and would be coming to the board with more details as to the possibility and the reasoning.

File 2020-18: A Resolution Authorizing Stantec Consulting to Create and Facilitate a Public Bid Process for the Procurement of a Garage Building.

Mr. Kimmes explained the concept between the state law $25,000 threshold requiring a public bid process, and how a public bid works. The group discussed whether the police garage should be heated or not heated and Chief Foeger stated he prefers heated so computers do not need to be constantly removed from vehicles. Trustee Marquardt suggested that the village should do it the right way (heated) from the start, even if it costs more up front. Mr. Kimmes stated that a bid opening could occur as soon as September if the board uses the current land available, that a concrete slab could be poured in October. He would plan to post the public bid through Quest CDN.

Motion by Marquardt to approve File 2020-18 authorizing the creation and facilitation of the public bid process; seconded by DeLuka.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 6-1; No: Stockhausen.

Correspondence with MAC Paving regarding Mr. White.

Board members asked if MAC Paving had responded. Ms. Alexander stated that they had not. Trustee Enright stated that he had that day spoken with MAC Paving and that they never received the letter sent to them.

The Board asked Ms. Alexander to send a second copy of the original letter to MAC Paving via delivery confirmation so there would be no doubt if it is received.



Motion by Sackett to adjourn; seconded by Stangel.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.