Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Community Center Commission
July 14, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W Main St., Newburg, Wisconsin




Trustee Member (Chair) Lynn Burkard – Present

Trustee Member Sandy Stockhausen -Present

Citizen Member Celina Dills -Present

Citizen Member Debra Wiesen -Present

Citizen Member Jenny Strohmeyer -Present

5 present, 0 absent; a quorum was met.


July 7, 2020 CCC Meeting. Jenny Strohmeyer provided corrections to the spellings of names for Barb McHugh and Mary Ann Mayhew.

Motion by Strohmeyer to approve the minutes as amended with the noted corrections; seconded by Wiesen.

Motion prevailed on a voice vote of 4-0-1 (Abstain: Stockhausen).



Jenny Strohmeyer read aloud her email to Linda asking for assistance with the CC logo and Linda’s respectful decline.


YMCA Classes. This item was laid over from July 7, 2020.

Celina Dills shared that she is an employee of both the River Edge Nature Center and the YMCA. She offered to speak with the YMCA director about the idea of holding some classes at the CC. Jenny Strohmeyer suggested that it be something for 10-15 people that doesn’t take too much room.

DPW Update

DPW Director Nate Wendelborn presented information on pricing and service quotes for a sign to go on the front of the CC, perpendicular to the existing hanging over-door sign. They included options:

A: White acrylic letters cut and installed by a sign shop, estimated at $3,500.

Members thought the pricing was far too expensive on this option.

B: Sign identical to that at Falkner Park, in a diamond shape, with the village logo, by a sign shop, estimated at $610.

Members were concerned that the sign would not be easily readable from the street.

C: Rectangular die bond foam board, by a sign shop, estimated at $830.

D: DPW purchasing letters made of wood.

E: DPW creating a rectangular sign with routed letters.

Members were concerned that this would be difficult to accomplish in the size needed, with consistency and the look they would like to achieve.

The CCC was undecided on which direction to go, what color letters, background, shape, and size to go with. Jenny Strohmeyer volunteered to mock up some ideas based on the conversations and bring some visual information to the next meeting.

Motion by Strohmeyer to layover; seconded by Stockhausen.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.

The DPW Director then provided information about quotes received for putting a full kitchen into the CC. The plumber confirmed that a sink cannot be put along the interior wall because the west side of the building does not have basement beneath it and the existing pipes are encased in cement. The cost to jackhammer cement and go into the foundation to move pipes would be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, the only cost-effective way to add a kitchen sink would be to eliminate the slop sink in the east bathroom and use the plumbing base from there to go through the wall to the west open room. The cost estimate to remove the tile, open the wall, and create the new drain, trap, etc. is estimated at $3,250 and does not include the cabinets, countertops, or painting and finishing work, which could add another $1,500 to the cost of the project if done professionally. The addition of a range outlet is relatively simple and is estimated at $500 or less; but a vent hood may also need to be considered.

Jenny Strohmeyer commented that as long as the bathroom is being ripped up, why not make it fully a part of the kitchen and members discussed not knowing if two bathrooms is required, if there are any ADA concerns, and what permits might require. There was general consensus that if the bathroom is modified, it would remain a bathroom, but that the possibility of adding a baby changing table should be explored.

The Administrator answered questions about available funding, explaining that the portion of the $5,000 budgeted for programming at the CCC currently remaining could be used for such building improvements, but that it would require approval of the Board of Trustees, and the project may need to be split up between 2020 and 2021 in order to be fully funded.

Members requested that the kitchen renovation topic be added to the next meeting agenda for further consideration.

Invitation-only Event.

    1. Speaker confirmation. Lynn Burkard confirmed that she secured West Bend Mayor Chris Jenkins as the speaker and that he is very excited to attend.
    2. Invitation review and cost invoice. Jenny Strohmeyer presented a draft invitation. Ms. Alexander recommended reducing the variation of fonts from four to two; lightening the vibrant scarf photo background for ease of reading; and adding a topic for the Mayor’s speech to reduce any potential confusion that he might be speaking about scarf-making. Members discussed the design of the invitation and agreed to move forward with some minor revisions.

Motion by Deb Wiesen to accept the draft invitation; seconded by Lynn Burkard.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.

Jenny Strohmeyer presented an invoice for costs related to the invitation for a total of $28.25 including $15.00 of labor.

Motion by Lynn Burkard to recommend paying the invoice using $30 of CC program funds; seconded by Celina Dills.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.

Scarf review and cost invoice. Deb Wiesen discussed items purchased for the crafting project and presented an invoice for costs for a total of $45.88.

Motion by Sandy Stockhausen to recommend paying the invoice using $50 of CC program funds; seconded by Jenny Strohmeyer.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.

Time confirmation – 6:30pm pending. Lynn Burkard confirmed that 6:30pm is the planned time of the event and there were no objections or changes.

Five survey questions. This item was laid over from July 7, 2020. Members reviewed draft forms provided by Deb Wiesen and Jenny Strohmeyer that would serve as surveys for the attendees at the special event. The group reviewed the questions on each and narrowed down how best to ask the survey questions to attendees without burdening them or causing anyone to feel in a negative way.

Lynn Burkard asked for someone to work on combining the two surveys into the desired result. Ms. Alexander offered to fit the task into her workload and provide the product to the CC for the next meeting.

Light refreshments and set up. This item was forgone and shall be scheduled for the next meeting.

Personal delivery. This item was forgone and shall be scheduled for the next meeting.


Updated financial information, if available. Ms. Alexander re-explained the 2020 budget allocations for the CCC and what types of expenses would be acceptable, confirming that the 2020 operational funding budgeted will lapse at the end of the year, but that additional funding can be allocated in 2021 if the Board of Trustees sees fit.

Community outreach. This item was laid over from July 7, 2020. Consideration and discussion on completing a handout / brochure that describes what the Community Center is and what it stands for, to be used during community outreach. (Taken with Item #6).

Identify key people, businesses, and hidden talent in the village.

Motion by Stockhausen to layover Items 5 and 6 to the next meeting; seconded by Burkard.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.


There were no new agenda requests; Ms. Alexander stated she would craft the agenda based off of the minutes from this meeting.


Motion by Stockhausen to adjourn; seconded by Strohmeyer.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.

Future Meetings: July 21st at 7pm at the Community Center