Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Community Center Commission
July 7, 2020 at 7:00pm
Community Center, 450 W Main St., Newburg, Wisconsin




Trustee Member (Chair) Lynn Burkard – Present
Trustee Member Sandy Stockhausen – Absent
Citizen Member Celina Dills – Absent
Citizen Member Debra Wiesen – Present
Citizen Member Jenny Strohmeyer – Present

3 members present, 2 absent; a quorum was met.


June 30, 2020 CCC Meeting

Motion to correct the minutes to reflect that Celina Dills was not present; seconded.  Motion prevails by a voice vote of 3-0.


Linda politely declined to design a logo for the CC. She suggested using local talent such as Barb McCue, Marianne Mayhew, etc.


1. YMCA Classes

Motion to layover to the next meeting, seconded.  Motion prevails by a voice vote of 3-0.


2. Questions for a survey for special event attendees.

Motion to layover to the next meeting due to lack of members present. Attending members will bring five questions to suggest for the next meeting, seconded.
Motion prevails by a voice vote of 3-0.

3. Planning for a guest speaker for the special event.

Lynn Burkard agreed to contact Christophe Jenkins, Mayor of West Bend, to be a speaker at the invitation event.

4. Outlining the invitation for the special event; newspaper / local printing.

After discussion and consideration, Jenny Strohmeyer agreed to create a memorable invitation for the invitation event

5. Review financial reports.

After review and discussion it was agreed to speak to Sandy Stockhausen regarding her intentions regarding the $5,000 added by budget amendment to the 2020 budget for community center programming. The specific meeting recording and minutes for this day will also be requested. Need to determine if the $5,000 rolls over to 2021 if unused or if it disappears.

6. Prioritize spending.

Discussion included agreement that if the $5,000 is use-it-or-lose-it at the end of the year, renovating the CC kitchen should be the first priority.

Motion to purchase a full year of seasonal feather flags using the programming budget; seconded. Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 3-0.

Motion to layover the discussion of prioritizing spending until the information about the $5,000 budgeted and its uses are received.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 3-0.

Item #8 was taken out of order at this time.

7. Questions, comments, or future agenda items requests.

Items for the next agenda should include: YMCA Classes, DPW Update, Invitation Only Event (Speaker confirmation, invitation review and cost invoice, Scarf review and cost invoice, time confirmation – 6:30pm pending, five survey questions, light refreshments and set up, personal delivery), updated financial information if available; consideration and discussion on completing a handout / brochure that describes what the Community Center is and what it stands for, to be used during community outreach. Identify key people, businesses, and hidden talent in the village.

8. Options for reaching out to the community. Group is planning to submit a flyer for the Bridges Newsletter. This item was taken out of order prior to item #7.

Sandy Stockhausen wrote and submitted the Bridges newsletter insert about the CC. Lynn Burkard submitted a new CC photo to be included.

Motion to layover community outreach to the next meeting, seconded.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 3-0


Future Meetings: 7/14 at 7pm at Village Hall

7/21 at 7pm at the Community Center