Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Village Board of Trustees
July 9, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin


President Dave DeLuka – Present
Trustee Mike Enright – Present
Trustee Bill Sackett – Present
Trustee Amy Marquardt – Present
Trustee Lynn Burkard – Present
Trustee Brooke Stangel – Present
Trustee Sandy Stockhausen – Present


No members of the public appeared to speak.


June 25, 2020 COW Meeting

Motion by Sackett to approve the minutes as presented; seconded by Marquardt.
Motion prevails by a voice vote of 6-0-1 (Abstain: Burkard).



 1. From the Police Chief, recommendations on 2020/2021 Bartender licensing applications:

Martin Chesak
Amanda Krueger
Karrin Miller
Carol Nothem
Seth Sullivan
Jeffrey Walczyk
Kaitlin Zastrow

Motion by Marquardt to approve the licenses as listed; seconded by Sackett.
Motion prevails by a voice vote of 7-0.

2. From President DeLuka, a discussion on past and current Village Hall hours of operation open to the public, and possible alternatives for increasing available days or hours.

President DeLuka opened discussion by stating that he had been asked to put the topic on the agenda and the floor would be open to whomever would like to discuss the topic. Trustee Sackett stated that he does not care what other communities do and that Newburg can make its own decisions. Trustee Marquardt stated that she had now issue with having Village Hall open for walk-in service 9am-5pm Monday through Friday as it had been in the past. Trustee Stockhausen stated that she felt Village Hall should be open at least one additional day per week. Trustee Stangel stated that she felt Village Hall should remain closed on Fridays to give staff working that day the opportunity to catch up uninterrupted. The board as a whole discussed various options and reasons for potentially opening more hours. Ms. Alexander asked if any residents had complained about not being able to receive service, citing that between her and other staff, someone was available for special appointments or service nights and weekends. Trustees stated that no one had complained that they couldn’t receive service, only that some residents “feel” that the building should be open full hours every week day. Ms. Alexander explained that due to the board’s previously requested budget cuts, which resulted in hiring staff for the house and availability of a reduced walk-in service at Village Hall, if hours were expanded, hiring additional assistance might be required. Trustees discussed and stated that if Village Hall was open to the public for more walk-in hours, that staff taking time off for vacation, training, or meetings elsewhere would be expected to simply lock up for the day and post a sign on the door with the reason for the closure. Ms. Alexander expressed concern that advertising being open 5-days and then planning to very often not be open on those days would likely result in resident complaints in the future. Trustees requested a written report from the Administrator providing paid-time-off information and agreed to return to the discussion at a future meeting.

Motion by Sackett to table the discussion of Item #2 from the 7/9/20 BOT Meeting regarding discussion on past and current Village Hall hours of operation open to the public, and possible alternatives for increasing available days or hours; seconded by Enright.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

3. Resident concerns regarding sump-pump constantly running and questions about village involvement / engineers.

DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn explained an ongoing situation with a village resident concerned that flooding in his basement and continuous running of his sump pump may be caused by some sort of water flowage from Village property. Mr. Wendelborn stated that while he believes that the village’s pond is not the cause of the problem, the possibility had not yet been ruled out.

Trustees asked that Ms. Alexander coordinate a letter to go out to the resident documenting all efforts made to date, and including the requirement that the property owner obtain a professional external opinion naming the village as the responsible party prior to any official action on the concern by the village. There was no further action taken on this item.


Trustee Burkard requested a copy of the letter sent to Mack Paving be included with the packet for the July COW meeting.

Trustee Burkard requested an update on Emergency Management from both Walt Grotelueschen and Tom Zajdel, including information about updated phone lists and ID cards.


Motion by Marquardt to adjourn; seconded by Stangel.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.