Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Parks Commission
June 16, 2020 at 6:30pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St., Newburg, Wisconsin



Trustee Member (Chair) Mike Enright – Present

Trustee Member Lynn Burkard – Present

Citizen Member Jenny Strohmeyer – Present

Citizen Member Lisa Gramoll – Present

Citizen Member Roger Zorn – Present

5 Members Present, 0 Absent: A quorum was met.

Also in attendance: Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Deanna Alexander, DPW Superintendent

Nate Wendelborn, Village President Dave DeLuka.


 1. January 14, 2020 Parks Commission

Commissioners discussed the draft minutes and noted a needed correction on page 1, item 3, to correct a scrivener’s error of “sings” to “signs.” The group discussed memories of the meeting potentially differing from the minutes regarding parks signs, but because members held different recollections and did not reach a consensus about any corrections, the minutes were not further altered.

Motion by Gramoll to approve the minutes, seconded by Strohmeyer.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 5-0.


2. Report from the Administrator on YTD financials and budget in relation to the parks.

Ms. Alexander presented a YTD payroll report pertaining to DPW / Parks / Community Center activities, and a YTD Income Statement for the village with DPW / Parks / Community Center activities shown in detail, alongside the annual budget.

Trustee Burkard initiated a discussion about money available for spending not being segregated for the Commissioners to clearly see how much they have to spend. Ms. Alexander explained that segregating out those expenses, while easy to do while tracking current spending, was not so easy in the budget planning for 2020 due to the lack of information about village finances available in 2019. Trustees Enright and Burkard encouraged planning for the 2021 budget to have parks funding segregated out and available for retention if not fully utilized in some kind of future reserve account. Ms. Alexander explained that this could be written into the budget, or added by Trustee amendment if needed. Trustee Burkard asked for financial reports to be provided before the meeting in the future and Trustee Enright explained that he had asked for the reports to be brought to the meeting in this instance and no request for an earlier packet had been made.

3. Report from the DPW Superintendent, including:

    1. Baseball field resurfacing had begun but was put on hold after at least one commissioner complained about putting time and effort into the updating if it was not necessary.
    2. Tennis court line painting was completed in 2019 and pickle ball lines would be painted in 2020 once road line repainting is complete.
    3. Soccer field goals – the goals were repaired and did not need immediate replacement after all, but the net still does.
    4. Grass cutting – estimating time required and how timesheet tracking is working. – Mr. Wendelborn reported that grass cutting is being tracked on timesheets so data will be available regarding time spent in that area, but it is not tracked as a separate account in the financial system.
    5. Directional signage – update on those placed and those remaining – all signage is now completely posted.
    6. Electric line locating – there are no underground electrical lines at either Dr. Weber Park or Grotelueschen Presidents Park.
    7. Other issues, requests, or recommendations

After a discussion about the future of the parks, the best way to economically meet as many requests and needs as possible, and how to best serve the community in the parks, the commissioners in unison agreed that the DPW should plan to plant grass seed over the baseball diamond and make it a green infield for practices; DPW should plan to keep the soccer field in place and maintain it (which no longer conflicts with baseball because the dirt field is not needed); DPW should eliminate the sand for the volley ball court and instead plant grass seed, and raise it with dirt removed from the baseball field so that water absorption might go better. Mr. Wendelborn agreed that all of these requests can and shall be completed, not necessarily before the next Parks Commission meeting in July, but during summer 2020.

4. Discussion on creating brochures for the parks.

Commission members decided to postpone this conversation for a future meeting.

5. Other recommendations from Commissioners to the DPW or Board of Trustees regarding parks management, maintenance, or planning; including requests for future discussion items.

Commissioner Gramoll asked if the engineer who designed the bridge underside for Falkner Park could be held accountable for the way water pools up and can never be drained from the walkway under the bridge. Mr. Wendelborn noted that the river height is just too high in comparison to the walkway. President DeLuka recommended that DPW speak with the engineer at Washington County to locate documents related to the bridge. The following photos were taken the day after this meeting for documentation purposes.



Prior to adjourning, the Chair asked members to share the best times for their

schedules to meet for upcoming future meetings and the group agreed on 6pm by

unanimous consent. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 6pm.

Motion by Gramoll to adjourn, seconded by Strohmeyer.

Motion prevailed on a voice vote of 5-0.