Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Village Board of Trustees
June 11, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin




President Dave DeLuka Present
Trustee Bill Sackett Present
Trustee Amy Marquardt Present
Trustee Mike Enright Present
Trustee Sandy Stockhausen Present
Trustee Lynn Burkard Present
Trustee Brooke Stangel Present

7 Present, 0 Absent: A quorum was met.



No members of the public requested to be heard.


May 28, 2020 COW Meeting

Motion by Sackett to approve the minutes inclusive of a correction to the attendance tally that 7, rather than only 5, were present; seconded by Marquardt.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.


Consideration of alcohol related license applications is scheduled for Thursday, June 25, 2020 in relation to Item #3 considered herein.



  1. Stantec Consulting – Facility Needs Study Progress Update

Kevin Kimmes and Amanda Schaefer from Stantec provided a verbal and written report on the status of the Facility Needs Study. They explained various facets of the data so far, with focus on the level of square footage needed in order to “right size” the facility to industry standards, in terms of ventilation, work space, and storage space. They explained that we ideally need .39 acres of area space for the right sized facility, and at present we only have .19 acres available in the current footprint.

Trustee Burkard asked about the police garage being researched in the past and other Trustees confirmed that putting a new police garage north of Village Hall had always been deemed too expensive. Ms. Alexander asked Stantec to consider designing any new facility with just one set of co-ed bathrooms / locker rooms, rather than with two full sets, considering the size of the staff pool, the part-time status of most staff, and the ability to create workplace policies that would accommodate such an area. Trustee Enright asked for clarity about using the same DPW building currently owned, modifying it, or building a new structure and Stantec responded that while the current building can be modified, only modifying it will not meet our needs. Stantec explained next steps, including their intention to seek out basic budgeting quotes from building vendors, and the village needing to consider if it will be conducting the public bidding process, or if it wishes to further contract with Stantec to do so, as that is not included in the current work orders.

President DeLuka asked if the current DPW building could be just expanded 45ft. to the north in order to renovate the current building. Stantec stated that they didn’t believe it could be because of unknowns regarding the flood plain / flood fringe status, but that they would look into the details and return to the board with another update to continue the conversation.

Motion by Enright to layover to the June COW meeting, seconded by Marquardt.

Motion prevailed on a voice vote of 7-0.

2. File 2020-12: A resolution appointing Stantec Consulting as the Interim Engineer and Interim Village Planner for the Village of Newburg.

Motion by Marquardt to adopt File 2020-12; seconded by Stangel.

Motion prevailed on a voice vote of 7-0.

3. Request submitted by business operator Kristin Casper for the Village to:

    1. Lower the renewal of class B liquor license fees.
    2. Waive the renewal for class B beer license fees.
    3. Waive the renewal for operator license fees.
    4. Lower sewer fees to match what apartments pay.

The Board briefly discussed this item but took no action.


4. File 2020-11: A Resolution/Ordinance Regarding the Decommissioning of Unused Sewer Connections.

Motion by Marquardt to Adopt File 2020-11; seconded by DeLuka.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

5. File 2020-13: A Resolution Complying with the Department of Natural Resources Annual Maintenance Reporting (CMAR) Requirements.

Motion by Enright to adopt File 2020-13; seconded by Sackett.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

6. Discussion by Trustees Burkard and Stangel: Progress and status update regarding Elixir website implementation; Recommendations regarding launch of new website.

Trustee Stangel provided a verbal report on behalf of the ad-hoc committee, stating that the community page on the website is now built up and providing a recommendation to move forward with making the website live. Ms. Alexander described the ability for a “soft launch,” allowing the website to go live, without actively promoting it, which would allow Trustees time to review and make commentary on the site earlier than a general public notification. Through discussion, the board planned to have the website go live with a soft launch over the weekend, and to give the board and staff several days to go over the website, providing Elixir Creative time to make any additions or corrections, and planning to announce the new website publicly the following Monday.

Motion by Burkard for approval of the new website, providing permission to launch live; seconded by Stangel.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

CLOSED SESSION NOTICE: This body may entertain a motion to adjourn into Closed Session pursuant to Sec. 19.85(1)(c), Wis. Stats., considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. The body may adjourn from closed session without reconvening into open session.

7.  Discussion of Employee Review for Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Deanna Alexander. This is an opportunity for board members to provide the Village President guidance and feedback so that opportunities for continued improvement can be relayed to the employee 120 days before the board’s formal performance evaluation.

Motion by Sackett to enter closed session to discuss Item 7; seconded by Marquardt.
Motion prevailed by a roll call vote of 7-0.

The board entered into closed session.


The board adjourned from closed session.