Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Committee of the Whole
and Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
May 28, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin




President Dave DeLuka – present
Trustee Amy Marquardt – present
Trustee Lynn Burkard – present
Trustee Brooke Stangel – present
Trustee Mike Enright – present
Trustee Bill Sackett – present
Trustee Sandy Stockhausen – present
Total: 7 present, 0 absent; a quorum was met.



BOT Meeting – May 14, 2020.

Motion by Sackett to approve the minutes with the correction that “Stockhausen” should be changed to “Stangel” regarding web site follow-up; seconded by Enright.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.


Members of the public are invited to address the Village Board regarding any topic of public concern. Those who wish to speak are asked to complete a written card to register with the clerk. The chairperson will then call on individuals to address the council from the front table in an orderly fashion for up to three minutes each.

Mr. Walt Grotelueschen spoke to announce that the Priest from Holy Trinity Parish is leaving his position in Newburg in June and that due to COVID-19 restrictions, the archdiocese will not allow a going-away party. Therefore, a “drive-by good-bye” is planned for Saturday, June 6th at 2:30pm and members of the community are invited to participate.


 1. Village President Appointments for Board confirmation. President DeLuka submitted the following names:

Personnel and Finance Committee Chair – Dave DeLuka – term ending April 2021
Law Enforcement Committee Chair – Amy Marquardt – term ending April 2021
DPW Committee Chair – Brooke Stangel – term ending April 2022
Parks Committee Chair – Mike Enright – term ending April 2022
Sanitary Committee Chair – Bill Sackett – term ending April 2021

Plan Commission – Trustee Member – Mike Enright – term ending April 2022

Parks Commission

Chair / Trustee Member – Mike Enright – term ending April 2022
Trustee Member – Lynn Burkard – term ending April 2022
Citizen Member – Roger Zorn – term ending June 2023

Community Center Commission

Chair / Trustee Member – Lynn Burkard – term ending April 2022
Trustee Member – Sandy Stockhausen – term ending April 2021
Citizen Member – Debra Wiesen – term ending June 2022
Citizen Member – Celina Dills – term ending June 2021
Citizen Member – Jenny Strohmeyer – term ending June 2023

Board of Review

Trustee Member – Amy Marquardt – term ending April 2021
Trustee Member – Lynn Burkard – term ending April 2022
Trustee Member – Sandy Stockhausen – term ending April 2022
Trustee Member (Alternate) – Bill Sackett – term ending April 2021

Board of Zoning Appeals

Citizen Member – Craig Wermager – term end June 2023
Citizen Member – Jeff Williamson – term end June 2023
Police Committee – Citizen Member- Harry Gramoll – term end June 2023

Motion by Sackett to confirm all appointments as appointed; seconded by Marquardt.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.


2. Building Inspection / Zoning / Emergency Management.

(Mr. Walt Grotelueschen, Building Inspector/Zoning Admin./EM Director)

General oral report providing updates on issues related to building inspections, permitting, and emergency management planning in the village.

Mr. Grotelueschen reported that a few permits have been issued recently and a few minor issues have been dealt with. In emergency government one radio sets off the siren and may need to be replaced. Tom Zajdel is working on a manual for Emergency Government. At some point the village will want to get ID cards. Ms. Alexander asked Mr. Grotelueschen to opine on whether permit fees need to be re-examined and he confirmed that a few could be considered.

3. Law Enforcement. (Trustee Marquardt, Chair; with Police Chief Mike Foeger)

Oversee operation of the Police Department, except for disciplinary matters, review state legislation; review all license applications; recommend ordinance amendments; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(3).

Quarterly report on police operations and general oral report.

Chief Foeger reported that he has been working 90 hours per week between his full-time and part-time positions and was unable to complete the quarterly report as a result, but will provide it at the next COW meeting instead. He reported there was an attempted break-in at a corporation in Newburg and it is under investigation. NPD is also working on nuisance properties with DPW. NPD is working on getting a speed/radar trailer placed on Main St. and on Hwy 33 and the Sheriff’s Dept. is going to lend it to Newburg. Pistol qualifications for NPD staff are upcoming and staff are taking blood borne pathogen training online.

Ms. Alexander and Chief Foeger discussed a software proposal for Prophoenix. This is the software that was denied by the board as a budget amendment in the 2020 budget. Quote information about the cost was provided. Town of Trenton is moving forward with adoption and as a result, Newburg is the last municipality between the two counties to not have the software. The software helps with incident-based reporting. NPD has call and GPS records but not the ability to log everything, this software will give access to records of other area law enforcement agencies. Presently, the NPD has to email the Sheriff’s office daily to learn of new developments in pursuit of lawbreakers. This software would also allow the “office” to be in the squad car, rather than for officers to have to return back to village hall after every incident. Trustee Enright asked about the time spent in the office and if the software would pay for itself over time and Chief Mike stated that he believed it would. The cost of the software would include a set-up charge payable across two budget years ($6,725 each year), plus an annual maintenance fee each year beginning after the first year (about $2,075). No action was taken by the board, but staff was requested to return at a future date with more information if a better price could be agreed upon.

4. Public Works. ([Chair Vacancy]; with DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn)

Responsible for overseeing all public works projects, street maintenance, storm sewers, and maintenance of village parks; works with consultants regarding proposed capital improvements to this system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(2).

General oral report on DPW operations.

Mr. Wendelborn reported that 1/3 of the parking lines in the village have been repainted; the County will be painting MY and Hickory; reconditioning of the ball diamond at Doc Weber Park is almost complete; Freedom Park will now be mowed twice per week; and mulch is being placed in the parks.

Soccer at Doc Weber park was discussed; the goal posts used in the past and the netting attached has been damaged and is not useable; Mr. Wendelborn and Ms. Alexander asked the board to provide direction on whether the goals should be replaced in 2020 or whether other action should be taken. President DeLuka discussed a meeting previously held with Trustee Burkard where the options were considered and suggested that the best option is to wait until the Parks Commission makes a recommendation. He asked that the DPW prepare a cost estimate for replacement to provide to the Parks Commission at its next meeting, scheduled for June 16th.

Mr. Wendelborn reported that there has been a drastic increase in the use of dumpsters at the recycling center. The center is now taking yard and organic waste. DPW is able to truck this out to area farms and it helps the village with its recycling grant process. DPW plans to move into a leaf collection program in the future, hoping to launch in fall 2020. Once plans are firm, announcements will be made. Some road shouldering has been completed; DPW is now able to get slag for 50 cents per ton rather than the $30.00 per ton previously paid.

A resident at 147 Congress Drive has been experiencing property flooding and a constantly running sump pump. Mr. Wendelborn and Ms. Alexander shared with the board the possibility that the flooding could be a result of village responsibility, but was likely not; nonetheless, the option to have an engineer investigate on behalf of the village in order to determine the source of the flooding was presented. The board members discussed and provided direction that the village will not be taking action with the use of a consulting engineer without evidence from the property owner showing certainty that the water is the village’s responsibility. No other board action was taken.

5. Sanitary Sewer.

(President DeLuka, Chair; with Sanitary Super. Courtney Steger’s designee Nate Wendelborn)

Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection and treatment system; works will village consultants in regard to proposed capital improvements to the system; makes periodic reviews of user regulations and service charges; reviews proposed extensions to the system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(4).


General oral report on Sanitary Sewer operations.

Mr. Wendelborn discussed that the plant is taking in 286,000 gallons per day at its peak this spring and that normal flowage in the past has been only 118,000 gallons per day; the lift station at Main St. was leaking in early May and as an emergency repair it cost $4,500 to fix; since COVID restrictions and more people staying at home, rags and cloths being flushed have increased and they get stuck in the machinery causing need for repairs; it is possible that more restaurants serving carry-out have more grease coming through the traps. He further reported that 35 loads of sludge hauling across 1.5 days was completed in May; disinfecting UV bulbs have been replaced – 4 racks with 4 bulbs each, for a total of 16 bulbs. Trustee Enright asked if there is a calendar for tracking when to replace the bulbs and DPW responded that the UV system how has a clock running to always time their usage. Mr. Wendelborn further reported that the new pH probe and controller is now completely installed and communicating properly and that this has now been automated into the SCATA system. No other board action was taken.

File 2020-11: A Resolution/Ordinance Regarding the Decommissioning of Unused Sewer Connections.

Ms. Alexander updated the board that the State Bank of Newburg has provided evidence of its interior sewer pipes being disconnected from the interior lateral pipe, but has not yet provided confirmation that the exterior lateral pipe has been disconnected from the external main pipe. The board agreed in consensus that this does not meet the previously established board requirements necessary in order to discontinue sewer billing for the parcel.

Motion by Sackett to layover to the June BOT meeting; seconded by Marquardt.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

6. Personnel and Finance. ([Chair Vacancy]; with Administrator/Treasurer Deanna Alexander)

Personnel matters involving full-time employees and part-time management staff, such as hiring, discipline, and firing as well as wages for all employees; shall assist in the development of the annual budget; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(1).

Presentation of financial reports, bills, and claims through April 2020.

Ms. Alexander walked the board through reading financial statements and understanding the purpose of each and how to find answers to financial questions in the reports. Reports provided to the board included:

General Fund:

Balance Sheets – January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020.
Profit & Loss: Budget v. Actual YTD
Profit & Loss: by Month YTD
Payroll Summary
Payroll Item Detail – January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020
Transaction List by Vendor – January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020
Unpaid Bills Detail through 5/26/2020
Transaction Detail by Account (expenses) YTD

Sanitary Fund:

Balance Sheets – January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020.
Profit & Loss: Budget v. Actual YTD
Profit & Loss: by Month YTD
Transaction List by Vendor YTD
Unpaid Bills Detail through 5/26/2020
Transaction Detail by Account (expenses) YTD

Motion by Sackett to accept and approve the financial reports as presented; seconded by Stangel.
Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Discussion and potential allocation of grant proceeds received from the State of Wisconsin in relation to the 2019 flood.

President DeLuka and Ms. Alexander discussed the costs associated with the 2019 flood and the payment received from the State of Wisconsin as a grant to compensate for flood relief costs. President DeLuka sought board consensus to allocate $964.38 to the Newburg Fire Department, citing that the Village has been reimbursed at a rate of 70% of cost.

Motion by Enright to accept the grant proceeds into the general fund and to allocate $964.38 to the NFD as a grant to aid in cost reimbursement associated with the 2019 flood; seconded by Marquardt. Potential abstentions were discussed and noted by the President as unnecessary.

Motion prevailed by a roll call vote of 7-0.

Discussion and potential allocation of insurance proceeds received in the Sanitary Fund in relation to the 2019 flood.

The board discussed how to allocate $21,449 received in 2020 as insurance proceeds related to the 2019 flood. President DeLuka noted that over $17,000 had been allocated in the budget as spending that would come from the reserve fund and that so much repair and replacement had been done in the past two years, he felt that the money should no longer be withdrawn from the reserve fund. The board discussed putting the entire $21,449 received into the reserve fund or simply using that for operating expenses and not removing the $17,000+ planned from the reserve fund. Ms. Alexander asked for clarification and the board identified that the difference shall be allocated to reserve as well.

Motion by Marquardt to allocate the entire $21,449 received in insurance proceeds in 2020 from the 2019 flood, to be allocated as an increase to the Sanitary reserve fund; seconded by Enright.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Review of proposed changes to employee handbook.

Ms. Alexander stated that she had not yet been able to complete the final version of the handbook due to a technology issue and that the village’s attorney should review it as well prior to presentation. Trustee Stockhausen displeasure at the Chair of Personnel not being involved in the revision proposal process.

Motion by Marquardt to layover to the June COW meeting; seconded by Stangel.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.

Discussion of Employee Review for Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Deanna Alexander. This is an opportunity for board members to provide the Village President guidance and feedback so that opportunities for continued improvement can be relayed to the employee 120 days before the board’s formal performance evaluation.

Ms. Alexander explained the background of the employment contract and the reason for holding discussions several months prior to a formal annual review. She vocalized a positive view that the village is in a far better organizational position now than it was one year ago, and that she believes her performance has been largely very good, with a few deficiencies needing more care in the areas of timing of reporting to the board, primarily caused by the “catch-up” game the village has been in since the personnel losses in 2019. She cited that she will be providing the board with her own write up of a written self-review and would try to get that complete and to members over the weekend. President DeLuka asked that board members contact him individually to express any comments, both positive and negative, about Ms. Alexander’s performance, by Tuesday June 9th so that he may begin formulating his written pre-review comments for Ms. Alexander. Board members agreed with a plan of further discussing Ms. Alexander’s annual review at the next meeting, with a goal of providing the written comments via the President, to Ms. Alexander by the end of June.

No further action was taken.


President DeLuka discussed the outcomes from the Board of Review meeting and the notion that the village may need to look at doing a re-assessment of properties soon. There are state compliance parameters to adhere to and if they are not met, the state can force a re-assessment. There are two types of re-assessments Grota, who the village contracts with, can offer. The first is a house-by-house in-person visit process, which is estimated to cost the village $80,000 and must be paid even if residents choose not to allow the property assessor into the inside of their buildings. The second is a market-based assessment, which is estimated to cost the village $30,000. While no board action was taken on this announcement, there was general consensus that one of these re-assessments must be budgeted for in the coming budget cycles.


President DeLuka asked that a written estimate from Grota be brought to the board for discussion at a future COW meeting.


Motion by Marquardt to adjourn; seconded by Stangel.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 7-0.