Village of Newburg
Parks Commission
January 14, 2020 at 5pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin




Chair/Trustee Lynn Burkard – present
Trustee Bill Sackett – present
Jenny Strohmeyer – present
Lisa Gramoll – present
Roger Zorn – absent
Total: 4 present, 1 absent; a quorum was met.

Others in attendance included Clerk Alexander, DPW Superintendent Wendelborn, and Village Board President Chesak.


Parks Commission – October 10, 2019

Motion by Burkard to approve the minutes as presented.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 4-0.


1.  Confirming the 2020 meeting schedule.

Quarterly meetings were deemed to be more productive than monthly meetings. Going forward, meetings would be planned for the first month of each quarter.

2. Informational report from administration on the parks and community center budget and expenditures, along with departmental updates on projects or other concerns.

The Administrator guided the commissioners through the layout and meaning behind the 2020 budget. The group discussed how to track where DPW is having expenses in relation to parks or the community center and the administrator explained that payroll is now set up in a way that allows tracking hours by activity; going forward, it will be much easier to know how many hours were spent mowing lawns versus snowplowing versus cleaning.

3. Discussion on commissioners’ recommendations for parks improvements, projects, or planning.

  • Mr. Wendelborn relayed that he had ordered the directional arrow sings to help people find parks. He stated that the soccer field with the volleyball court can work but might need to be repositioned to get the best use of them.
  • Trustee Burkard asked about refurbishing the baseball diamond and asked Mr. Wendelborn to confirm if there is electricity in the ground already. He confirmed that he has a map showing where it is supposed to go, but no confirmation about where or whether it was actually installed. Trustee Burkard and Mr. Wendelborn agreed that the location of the electric items would not affect the outfield but would affect where to put a structure, if there is going be a structure at some point. Mr. Wendelborn noted that he is aware of plans to put a shelter in Doc Weber Park, but had now been told about a shelter plan for Presidents Park as well and it was unclear what the past plan was.
  • Commissioner Gramoll explained that there had only been talk of getting a shelter at Doc Weber park, perhaps getting scouts to put up a gazebo or similar, but no power. Trustee Burkard, asked to assume that there is power there, and stated that refurbishing the ball diamond would interfere with a potential shelter. Mr. Wendelborn stated that the ball diamond itself would not interfere with the shelter; the only question is if the underutilized volleyball court and soccer field are in need of repositioning. Commissioner Gramoll stated that the intent was always to keep the potential structure “tucked back” so that it didn’t disrupt any of the other amenities at the park. Trustee Burkard asked Mr. Wendelborn to have related details available to share at the next meeting; he confirmed that he would and that for now he would be following directions provided by the board.
  • Paint lines were discussed and Mr. Wendelborn confirmed the tennis courts would be painted. Commissioner Gramoll asked that the wood sign in Doc Weber Park be looked at for refurbishing because of fading paint, and potential conversion to all metal signage was discussed.
  • Trustee Burkard discussed making a brochure for the parks with content of the parks, the community center, and a map of where everything is, along with a mission statement. She asked each commissioner to make up their own ideas so that after the next meeting a brochure could be put together. Members discussed whether the community center and the parks fall together with one mission and agreed there are differences. Topics touched on included:
    • Maintain, improve, and enhance natural resources.
    • Enrich the lives of residents.
    • Encourage volunteerism.

Members noted that no prices should be put in the brochure because the brochure should last longer than a season or a year, when pricing could change.

Trustee Burkard asked everyone to think about what should be included in a brochure so that after the next meeting things could move forward.

  • Mr. Wendelborn reminded the Parks Commissioners that after the election, there would be a separate Community Center Commission, so goals and directions set by the Parks Commission should not extend beyond Election Day. Trustee Burkard asserted that the Parks Commission can still take the recommendations on the mission statement from the Parks Commission and hand it over to the Community Center Commission. Trustee Burkard also explained the reasoning for two Commissions in that CCC members will be asked to actively volunteer at the Community Center.
  • Ms. Alexander explained that either Commission can make any recommendation it wishes by taking a vote, and then that vote can go to the Board of Trustees as a recommendation; when the BOT gives the department direction, that is when staff is required to act. Until that time, while staff can agree to take action or provide information by consensus and in those cases a vote result sent to the BOT is not necessary, the commissions cannot direct staff. Trustee Burkard agreed.
  • Trustee Burkard and Commissioner Strohmeyer stated that the decision at the last meeting was to look forward in 2020 to just focusing on bringing the parks back up to standards with painting, grills, garbage cans, and things of that sort. Commissioners discussed doing some kind of musical event in the parks for National Night Out (which falls on August 4th in 2020).
  • Commissioners asked Ms. Alexander to put something into the Bridges Newsletter to get the public’s ideas about the parks. Ms. Alexander described the survey planned that includes suggestions, usage information about the parks, and respondents’ feelings about Newburg parks. Commissioners asked Ms. Alexander to ensure the survey is easy for respondents to return, like through mail or online, in order to gain a good number of responses.

4. Discussion on commissioners’ recommendations for community center improvements, projects, or planning, including activities for 2020 and the proposal of a kitchen addition.

  • Trustee Burkard spoke of the need for some kind of signs or flags or banners to let people know when an event is going on at the community center. Foldable plastic sandwich boards were discussed, but recognized that someone had run the last one over with their car.
  • An external building sign was discussed and the members agreed that the current perpendicular over-door metal sign is not sufficient and a sign visible when looking at the building head-on should be arranged.
  • Commissioners discussed ideas about installing a better kitchen in the community center:
  • If a kitchen is built the building rent price could be doubled.
  • The room could be split in two for dual rental purposes; if this was done, double-sided locks would be needed for the internal connecting doors. The two sides are not soundproofed from each other, so this was decided against.
  • To update the kitchen, a section would need to be designated for a stove, with a microwave and hood above it, venting out to the street. A sink has already been donated to be installed underneath the window, but water needs to be installed. 220V electricity is already in the basement and would need to be run up, but it is a one-sided basement, so it would need to go through the floor and the cabinets. It would be an electric stove.
  • Renters currently have to wash things in the bathroom sink.
  • Trustee Burkard discussed needing a reverse-osmosis system under a kitchen sink because the water is “not drinkable.” [Staff has since had water testing performed on the community center; it shares a well with the fire department; all water coming into the center registered as safe for drinking and potable. Whether or not it has a particular taste might be a concern, but it is safe.]
  • Mr. Wendelborn stated that if a kitchen is going to be updated, the people putting it in need to be licensed plumbers / electricians with all of the proper permitting; Trustee Burkard stated that some people might volunteer the work; Mr. Wendelborn stated that volunteering is fine, as long as they are licensed to do the work, for liability purposes.
  • Commissioner Gramoll estimated $15,000 in cost to install a new kitchen. Trustee Burkard estimated less than $500 for the physical items, and getting having volunteer helpers running the conduit and having the electrician coming in just to run the wires to get around having to pay full prices. Mr. Wendelborn discussed the intricacies of the plumbing just to tap into the main drain and estimated that the plumbing side of a new kitchen would cost $500-$1000 for the labor alone. Trustee Sackett expressed concern about trying to avoid professional contractors and asked the only licensed persons be used. Mr. Wendelborn recommended that a licensed contractor / plumber / electrician come in and give prices on the worst case scenario numbers before requesting money from the board to do it.
  • Commissioners agreed that quotes and a potential plan be arranged for presentation to the Community Center Commission once it is appointed so it can make decisions on how to move forward. Ms. Alexander recommended that the Parks Commissioners visit the center in person to determine where they would like items located in a potential remodeling plan and provide that direction back to staff.
  • Commissioner Gramoll recommended that volunteers be recruited with an incentive that their name goes into a drawing for free rental use of the community center to get people interested.
  • Ms. Alexander asked if the commission had any needs of her to get anything ready to present to the board; Trustee Burkard responded that they did not and it would be at least another month down the road. Commissioner Gramoll advised that instead Trustee Burkard present verbal information to the BOT so the board members are aware of the things the commission is looking at doing in the future and is aware that coming back with figures at some point in the future is on the horizon. Trustee Burkard stated that she would email in a way that could not be replied to so it would not be debatable outside of meetings.
  • Trustee Burkard talked about Sip n’ Craft classes and how she has a contact that organizes these classes in Jackson and how she would like to get something set up as a monthly craft event with a minimum of six people. Ms. Alexander stated that the village might need to look at the ordinances regarding temporary bartender licenses in order to allow event licensure for situations where attendees are charged to attend. Ms. Alexander asked if there was any action from the commission on this topic and Trustee Burkard stated that she didn’t know if the Board of Trustees needs to approve crafting classes; Commissioner Gramoll recommended not pursuing it before the board at this time.
  • Ms. Alexander recommended the commission members look into starting a separate 501(c)(3) organization as a “friends group” to the parks and the community center that could do outside fundraising and provide grants to achieve the goals of the group.

Motion by Gramoll to adjourn; seconded by Strohmeyer.

Motion prevailed by a voice vote of 4-0.