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Board of Trustees – Meeting Minutes – 8/13/2020

Amending minutes from 7/23, Bartender licenses, closed session for garage land options, approval of garage size and location.

Committee of the Whole – Meeting Minutes – 7/23/2020

Emergency Mgmt update; Bartender Licensing; extra CCC meetings; financial reports; Village Hall Hours; Facility Needs Study Update; MAC Paving.

Community Center Commission – Meeting Minutes 7/14/2020

Village of NewburgMeeting of the Community Center CommissionJuly 14, 2020 at 7:00pmVillage Hall, 620 W Main St., Newburg, Wisconsin MINUTES OPENING OF MEETING / CALL TO ORDER ROLL CALL Trustee Member (Chair) Lynn Burkard – Present Trustee Member Sandy Stockhausen -Present Citizen Member Celina Dills -Present Citizen Member Debra Wiesen -Present Citizen Member Jenny Strohmeyer…

Community Center Commission – Meeting Minutes – July 7, 2020

Planning for a special event to boost recognition of and support for the Community Center.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – July 9, 2020

Bartender licenses, village hall hours, and sump pump concerns.

Committee of the Whole – 6/25/2020

Stantec presentation; Liquor, beer and bartender licenses; MAC paving letter; Financial reports; ProPhoenix software; CC Meeting schedule.

Parks Commission Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2020

Discussion of parks updates, bridge walkway at Falkner park, and Dr. Weber park baseball diamond.

BOT – Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2020

Facility Needs Study Update from Stantec; File 2020-12 Appointing Stantec as the Village Engineer; Request to lower liquor license fees; File 2020-11 Sewer Decommissioning; File 2020-13 CMAR for Sanitary; Discussion on website; Performance Review for Administrator.

Board 2020-05-28 COW Minutes

Committee appointments, NPD software quote; 147 Congress flooding; SBN sewer disconnection; financial reports; flood relief grant; appraisal costs.

Board of Review – May 26, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Village Assessor meets with board members to review annual assessments and hear objections from taxpayers.