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Parks Commission Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2020

Discussion of parks updates, bridge walkway at Falkner park, and Dr. Weber park baseball diamond.

BOT – Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2020

Facility Needs Study Update from Stantec; File 2020-12 Appointing Stantec as the Village Engineer; Request to lower liquor license fees; File 2020-11 Sewer Decommissioning; File 2020-13 CMAR for Sanitary; Discussion on website; Performance Review for Administrator.

Board 2020-05-28 COW Minutes

Committee appointments, NPD software quote; 147 Congress flooding; SBN sewer disconnection; financial reports; flood relief grant; appraisal costs.

Board of Review – May 26, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Village Assessor meets with board members to review annual assessments and hear objections from taxpayers.

Board 2020-05-14 BOT Minutes

Appoint new Village President and Trustees; Website redesign; Wendelborn employment; Website hosting; special assessments; AT&T contract; telecom fitness review agreement; Ordinance new terms for appointments; Liquor license fee review.

Plan Commission Minutes – May 7, 2020

The Plan Commission is permitting a new sign design for the State Bank of Newburg. This is to grant a sign permit to Creative Sign Company, representing the State Bank of Newburg, for the sign as presented and described

Board 2020-04-23 COW Minutes

This meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Board 2020-04-09 BOT Minutes

This meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Board 2020-03-24 BOT Minutes

COVID-19, Shelter in Place, Flatten the Curve, Village Hall Hours, Administrative staffing decisions, Sewer Bill due dates.

Board 2020-03-12 BOT Minutes

Village of NewburgMeeting of the Village Board of TrusteesMarch 12, 2020Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin MINUTES OPENING OF MEETING / CALL TO ORDER Due to the absence of the Village President, the meeting was called to order by the Clerk. ROLL CALL President Rena Chesak – absentTrustee Bill Sackett – presentTrustee Amy…