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Community Center Commission – MEET AND GREET

Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Community Center Commission
June 20, 2020 at 11:00am
Community Center, 450 W Main St., Newburg, Wisconsin

Members of the Community Center Commission will attend an informal weekend “Meet and Greet” event in order to become familiar with each other and the facility they are charged with overseeing.  While no formal meeting conducting business shall take place, this notice informs the public and any media who wish to attend that this event is scheduled and open to the public for observation.  Members may have casual conversation about vision for the Community Center, and ask or respond to questions about the Community Center.  A record of members in attendance and any discussions by three or more members pertaining to the Community Center will be created, however no motions, voting, or directives will occur; this informal gathering is for “Meet and Greet” purposes only. No official government actions shall occur at this gathering.

Trustee Member (Chair) Lynn Burkard
Trustee Member Sandy Stockhausen
Citizen Member Celina Dills
Citizen Member Debra Wiesen
Citizen Member Jenny Strohmeyer

The event is finished.


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