Alert: Please reduce flushing and drain use to only what you deem essential on Monday April 5th and Tuesday April 6th. 

The Village of Newburg’s Sanitary Sewer Plant will be undergoing a maintenance event on Monday and Tuesday.  This maintenance will involved disconnecting some portions of our treatment system.  This is the system that treats everything you put down the drain.  To avoid an overflow of the system while the workers are performing maintenance, along with avoiding any event where sludge would enter our treasured river, we are asking residents and businesses to reduce use if possible. 

Here are some ideas on how your actions could help: 

– Run your dishwasher or washing machine on the weekend and wait until late Tuesday or until Wednesday to run them again.
– Take showers rather than baths on Monday and Tuesday.  
– Perhaps within your household, consider flushing toilets every-other use for these two days.
– Ensure water that goes down drains is not left running unnecessarily.
– And as always – please do not flush oils, grease, diapers, women’s sanitary products, or baby wipes. 

We want to be clear:  This maintenance event will not affect your service, and we are not asking you to stop using your drain systems completely – but we do appreciate any usage reduction efforts you could take to help us widen the window of time we have to complete the maintenance project.

Every gallon of drain water we can prevent from entering our sewer system on these two days will give the workers more time to complete the maintenance work and re-connect the system.  We appreciate any efforts you may be able to make to help us with this project for the benefit of our community! 

Thank you!