The Community Center Commission (CCC) approved the creation of a new Kitchenette in the Community Center this past fall. They received estimates from several contractors for the needed electrical and plumbing work. The project started September 29th and was finished in just a month! A floor drain sink was removed to create access for the plumbing for a kitchen sink and disposal. The CCC used unfinished stock cabinets and stained and varnished. Two handy residents stepped up to help commission members install the cabinetry and countertop. The sink and the four-burner cooktop were installed. The repair of the drywall, replacing ceramic tile / grout, and painting in the restroom were all completed. Then new shelves, trim work, and lots of personal attention from caring volunteers brought this beautiful space together. Community Center Commission members and volunteers dedicated more than 240 man-hours to this project; how amazing is that? It resulted in a beautiful, wonderful addition to your Community Center. You will now be able to prepare food, cook, and clean up with ease when you hold your next event at the Community Center.

To schedule a walk-through tour of the Community Center, call Lynn Burkard at (262) 323-6595. For more information on booking, have a look at our rental contract ( and call Village Hall at (262) 675-2160 for more information.