Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Committee of the Whole
and Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
June 25, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin



President Dave DeLuka
Trustee Mike Enright
Trustee Bill Sackett
Trustee Amy Marquardt
Trustee Lynn Burkard
Trustee Brooke Stangel
Trustee Sandy Stockhausen


BOT Meeting – June 11, 2020.


Members of the public are invited to address the Village Board regarding any topic of public concern. Those who wish to speak are asked to complete a written card to register with the clerk. The chairperson will then call on individuals to address the council from the front table in an orderly fashion for up to three minutes each.


  1. Stantec Consulting – Facility Needs Study Progress Update: Exploring building size, location, and floodplain constrictions.

    This item was laid over at the June 11, 2020 BOT Meeting.


2. Building Inspection / Zoning / Emergency Management.

(Mr. Walt Grotelueschen, Building Inspector/Zoning Admin./EM Director)

General oral report providing updates on issues related to building inspections, permitting, and emergency management planning in the village.

3. Law Enforcement. (Trustee Marquardt, Chair; with Police Chief Mike Foeger)

Oversee operation of the Police Department, except for disciplinary matters, review state legislation; review all license applications; recommend ordinance amendments; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(3).

Quarterly report on police operations and general oral report.

Recommendations on 2020/2021 licensing:

“Class B” Liquor & Class “B” Beer Licenses

Cork N’ Barrel, LLC Nicklas Kertscher, Agent

Newburg Brewery Mary Preschat, Owner

Newburg Sportsment, Inc. Michael Boldt, Agent

NoNo’s Supper Club Kevin Rogowski, Owner

Parkside Inn Sandra Webb, Owner

Simple Tim’s Timothy Casper, Owner

Speakeasy LLC Curt Lewin, Agent

“Class A” Liquor & Class “A” Beer

Casey’s General Store Heidi Marcyes, Agent

Class “B” Beer

Newburg Fire Department, Paul Fahey, Agent (Hamburger Stand)

Class “B” Beer

Newburg Fire Department, Paul Fahey, Agent (Hamburger Stand)

Temporary Class “B” / “Class B” Retailer’s License 

Newburg Fire Department, Paul Fahey, Agent (Bingo)

Newburg Fire Department, Paul Fahey, Agent (Picnic in 2021)

Newburg Lions Club, Craig Wermager, Agent (Car Show)


Cigarette and Tobacco Retail License

Casey’s General Store Heidi Marcyes, Agent

Speakeasy LLC Curt Lewin, Agent

Cork N’ Barrel, LLC Nicklas Kertscher, Agent

Bartender – New / Renewal

Tamarra Dorsey

Donna Faber

Dawn Kelly

Amanda Klein

Aaron Walsh

Nicole Ansay

Kevin Banaszak

Robert Banaszak

Charmaine Bancroft

John Beimborn

Toni Boldt

Kelly Campbell

Teresa Chesak

Carol DeVilbiss

Kyle Dowe

Robyn Erickson

Anthony Fischer

Cody Frankovis

Devin Frankovis

Holly Gerner

Marcia Hansen

Dale Hartmann

Richard Jeranek

Craig Kaminski

Wendy Kudek

Deanna LaBonte

Heather Mack

Kristyn Ostrowski

Tracy Preschat

Patricia Prochazka

Michelle Rogowski

Gary Sargent

Joshua Siefken

–*Diane Soehner

Jeffrey Tryba

Christine Verbanac

Kevin Wilde

–*Wendye Girard

–*Brooke Carter

–*Susan Howell

–*Carissa Kunda

–*Marlene Heimsch

–*Brandon Pettit

–*Katrina Trottier

–*Seth Sullivan

–* Incidates background check and Police Chief approval was pending at the time of agenda publication. 

4. Public Works. (Trustee Stangel, Chair; with DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn)

Responsible for overseeing all public works projects, street maintenance, storm sewers, and maintenance of village parks; works with consultants regarding proposed capital improvements to this system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(2).

General oral report on DPW operations specific to Parks, in coordination with Parks Commission Chair Mike Enright.

General oral report on all other DPW operations, including hours of operation for shipping.

5. Sanitary Sewer.

(Trustee Sackett, Chair; with Sanitary Super. Courtney Steger’s designee Nate Wendelborn)

Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection and treatment system; works will village consultants in regard to proposed capital improvements to the system; makes periodic reviews of user regulations and service charges; reviews proposed extensions to the system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(4).

General oral report on Sanitary Sewer operations.

6. Personnel and Finance. (President DeLuka, Chair; with Administrator/Treasurer Deanna Alexander)

Personnel matters involving full-time employees and part-time management staff, such as hiring, discipline, and firing as well as wages for all employees; shall assist in the development of the annual budget; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(1).

Personnel options for staffing the DPW and Sanitary departments in the long-term through ongoing transitions.

Administrator’s proposed updates to Employee Handbook.

Presentation of financial reports, bills, and claims through May 2020.

Update on negotiations for Prophoenix computer software requested by NPD at the May 28, 2020 COW meeting.

Presentation of assessor’s quotes for future reassessments per request by DeLuka at the May 28, 2020 COW meeting.

7.  Community Center Commission. (Trustee Burkard, Chair; with Trustee Stockhausen, Member.)

The Community Center Commission consists of five members, of which two are trustees and three are citizens.  It meets on the third Tuesday in the first month of each quarter. Relevant ordinances include: §32.04(G) – Shall develop recommendations for maintenance and future use planning of the community center, be responsible for planning events not otherwise taken up by village staff, and for coordinating volunteer activities necessary for the survival of the community center in the public interest.

  • Outcome of the Meet & Greet event on June 20th
  • Notification of meeting schedule changes to weekly CCC meetings planned for Tuesdays at 7pm at the Community Center on the following dates:  June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, July 21st; plus, possible extension for up to four weeks (July 28th, August 4th, [skipping August 11th due to Election Day], August 18th, and August 25th) if the Chair determines it necessary.
  • Requesting clarification / asking questions about the Community Center’s 2020 Budget.



ADDITIONAL NOTICES: Please know that the governmental body meeting under this notice may take action on items listed in the agenda, including items presented for discussion or in report form for informational purposes.

Please note that it is possible members of other governmental bodies may be in attendance during the meeting referenced in this notice. Although their combined presence may constitute a quorum, no official meeting nor action by any governmental body will be taken other than during its scheduled meeting time as set forth in this meeting notice. The Village of Newburg intends to provide equal opportunity for everyone to participate in public meetings. Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities or special needs through the appropriate aids and services. To request this service, contact the Village Clerk at (262) 675-2160.