Village of Newburg
Meeting of the Committee of the Whole
and Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
January 23, 2020 at 7:00pm
Village Hall, 620 W. Main St. Newburg, Wisconsin


Updated with the addition of item 8.3 on Insurance Renewals; and addition of item 11 on Election Inspectors, renumbering of final items 12 and 13.





Board of Trustees Meeting – January 9, 2020.


Members of the public are invited to address the Village Board regarding any topic of public concern. Those who wish to speak are asked to complete a written card to register with the clerk. The chairperson will then call on individuals to address the council from the front table in an orderly fashion for up to three minutes each.


  1. Veterans’ Group – Offering diagrams of the proposed structure for sheltering the angel at Freedom Park, in coordination with the Board’s previous approval and direction to move forward in coordination with DPW.
  2. Stantec Consulting Services – Introductory presentation regarding services, including consideration of a proposal for consulting services and a needs analysis regarding building needs for DPW, Sanitary, and NPD.
  3. Elixir Creative LLC – Introductory presentation regarding services, including a proposal to provide a re-designed website at no cost to the village and other available web-hosting and graphic service options. Comparison and consideration of current service prices, recent unsolicited quotes, and alternative options.


4. Building Inspection / Zoning

(Mr. Walt Grotelueschen, Building Inspector)

General oral report providing updates on issues related to building inspections, permitting, and constructive repairs or developments within the village.

5. Law Enforcement

(Trustee Marquardt, Chair; with Police Chief Mike Foeger)

Oversee operation of the Police Department, except for disciplinary matters’ review state legislation’; review all license applications; recommend ordinance amendments; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(3).

Consideration and possible action on license applications: New licenses to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors.

6. Public Works

(President Chesak, Chair; with DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn)

Responsible for overseeing all public works projects, street maintenance, storm sewers, and maintenance of village parks; works with consultants regarding proposed capital improvements to this system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(2).

6.1  A resolution outlining CDL and training requirements for DPW personnel.

6.2   A resolution adopting a revised and renewed “10-year Pavement
Improvement Plan” for the Village of Newburg.

6.3   General oral report on committee matters.

7. Sanitary

(Trustee DeLuka, Chair; with Sanitary Superintendent Dean Groleau)

Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection and treatment system; works will village consultants in regard to proposed capital improvements to the system; makes periodic reviews of user regulations and service charges; reviews proposed extensions to the system; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(4).

7.1  Proposals for Sanitary Sewer piping projects related to recently-discovered lateral lines coming from taxpayer properties and protruding into the main line.

From Visu-Sewer for project work to install approximately 419 linear feet of 10” National Liner at a cost of $18,541, plus a rate of $295 per hour for cutting deposits as needed. Plus any additional incidental costs as noted in attachments. This project was not included in the project narrative of the 2020 budget.

From Visu-Sewer for project work to clean and pressure grouse three sewer lateral connections at a cost of $335/hr (8-10 hours) and $12 per gallon (+/- 15 gallons), plus any additional incidental costs as noted in attachments. This project was not included in the project narrative of the 2020 budget.

7.2  Proposal from Total Energy Systems, LLC for a planned maintenance agreement spanning 5 years for the purpose of servicing the sanitary sewer generators.

8.  Personnel and Finance

(Trustee Stockhausen, Chair; with Administrator Deanna Alexander)

Personnel matters involving full-time employees and part-time management staff, such as hiring, discipline, and firing as well as wages for all employees; shall assist in the development of the annual budget; as prescribed in ordinance §31.04(1).

8.1  Presentation of financial reports, bills, and claims.

2019 Year End Reports from Workhorse accounting software.
2020 Beginning Reports from Quickbooks accounting software.
Consideration of bank account balances, cash flow expectations, and board direction for fund reserves.

8.2  Sanitary Bills – review of policies for sending dates and mailing. Discussion to determine potential ordinance change for future Board of Trustees meeting.

8.3  Insurance policy renewals for 2020-2021 policy year.


9.  Update on publication of the Bridges village newsletter.

10.  Request from the Newburg Fire Department to create policy requiring fire access boxes on the outside of business buildings.

11.  Appointment of Election Inspectors (if necessary).


12.  Parks Commission

(Trustee Burkard, Chair; with DPW Superintendent Nate Wendelborn)

Charged with developing plans for the acquisition, development, maintenance, and operations of the village parks and making recommendations to the Village Board regarding implementation of the same, as prescribed in ordinance §30.04(F)(2).

Report based actions from the January 14, 2020 Parks Commission Meeting.

13. Plan Commission

(President Chesak, Chair; with Administrator Deanna Alexander)

Powers and duties prescribed in Wis. Stats. §61.35.

Next Plan Commission Meeting is scheduled for February 6th.

The village has received two potential agenda items:

    • Mark & Sandy Falkner – Extension of a previously approved conditional use permit for continuous use of mini-storage facility located at 6725 Hickory Road.
    • Crown Castle USA Inc. on behalf of Verizon Wireless – Eligible Facilities Request application to replace transmission equipment on a telecommunications tower located at 6699 Carmody Court.


Training Reminder – 1/30/2020 Real Colors training.



ADDITIONAL NOTICES: Please know that the governmental body meeting under this notice may take action on items listed in the agenda, including items presented for discussion or in report form for informational purposes. Please note that it is possible members of other governmental bodies may be in attendance during the meeting referenced in this notice. Although their combined presence may constitute a quorum, no official meeting nor action by any governmental body will be taken other than during its scheduled meeting time as set forth in this meeting notice. The Village of Newburg intends to provide equal opportunity for everyone to participate in public meetings. Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities or special needs through the appropriate aids and services. To request this service, contact the Village Clerk at (262) 675-2160.